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Based currently at the Meeting Place, Fremantle-No Charge

For Support Groups in other locations, please contact the organiser.

About Us

Through Storms of Our Emotional Pain

Throughout our lifetimes, we may all experience periods of extreme stress, struggle, suffering and emotional pain.  This can often relate to challenges and crises we face with our relationships to others, our personalities and life events.  Our reaction to these situations or circumstances can lead to experiencing some form of emotional pain - from mild anxiety to more serious and life-impairing responses such as drug and alcohol abuse, harmful behaviour and major forms of depression and anxiety.  Those responses can be coping mechanism when emotional pain is involved. Emotional pain talks to us.

We all need a Safe Harbour

We all need a safe harbour, somewhere that allows us some shelter and protection for a time.  To allow us the opportunity to take a break from the storms of emotional pain.  Somewhere that is a safe place where we can be allowed to talk and be listened to, to share our experiences and challenges.

Sometimes emotional pain in life can result in us feeling overwhelmed and we can tend to isolate ourselves but  

these Support Groups offers an opportunity to share our experiences in a safe space facilitated by a Professional Counsellor.  Those who have experiences or issues relating to feelings and thoughts of suicide are particularly welcomed to use this opportunity to meet with others seeking to "end emotional pain and not life".  Together we can share hope and together we can help each other.

Return to face the storms, winds and rough seas together

We know that life is not smooth sailing at times and we may battle the winds.  However sometimes we just need to see through another day and wait for the storm to pass while also finding new skills and alternative ways and means to not be capsized in future storms.  Alone it is hard but together we can navigate a new course and find the hope that is so often hidden from view.


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Safe Harbour Support Group Freo -The Meeting Place

245 South Terrace, South Fremantle, Western Australia 6162, Australia

1300 010 999


Weekly on Wednesdays from 25 October 2017 starting at 6 pm and finishing at about 7.30 pm. 

Transport: Catch the blue CAT bus in Fremantle and hop off at stop number 8 or 9  

Currently the Safe Harbour Support Group does not charge anyone who attends although booking is required to ensure a spot.  

Other Support Groups as available and needed

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